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    Ok. So my BBQ10 - I hope - is not possessed. It's suddenly taken on a mind of its own. While texting, the letter "a" is an "*", it types letters / #s / symbols that I don't type, and attach, settings, etc., continually pop up while I'm trying to send a simple text. In short, texting is a nightmare. Apps pop up without my permission, it's begun calling #s on its own. I'm in the grocery store, and I hear voices coming from my purse (no, I'm not crazy) and I find that my phone continues to call various contacts. I think I have a virus... Does anyone know how to stop this? Perhaps virus app for bbQ10? Really tired of this and hoping there's someone who can help... (I'm fairly "techno" with computers, though not with phones.)
    06-21-14 10:54 AM
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    Don't worry: it's not a virus! It sounds like you may have a stuck alt button that's registering the number or symbol for that key. In the upper right corner of the screen do you have a black square with ALT in it when this happens?

    If you just rub your fingers along the keyboard, does the alt key, or any other keys register as being pressed? If so, this is a hardware issue not related to the double typing issue some Q10 owners have had. Depending on how long you've had your phone you may want to see if you can do a warranty claim on it.

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    06-21-14 10:59 AM

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