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    I have searched the forums and online and cannot find any help on this issue. As you can see my storage/ data of BBM is 443MB. No matter what I do I cannot reduce that. I have deleted a couple groups, deleted chats, and deleted several BBM channels but it never decreases. I am still in 10 groups and following 60 channels and the data/storage for BBM goes up 3-5MB per day. It's getting so large now I have had to delete some apps. Does anyone have any ideas. This becoming a real problem for me. Z30 Z30STA100-5/ Thanks.
    BBM storage/data problem-img_20150816_083120.png

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    08-16-15 11:04 AM
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    Just an update on this and still hoping someone has any ideas. This is a BBM Channel issue. I haven't been on channels for 2 days now and the cache stayed exactly the same. For a test I went into channels for 45 minutes and gained 2 more MB of data/storage. I am surprised this issue hadn't come up as its creating an issue for me. There must be others that will soon have the same problem. Any thoughts/ help would be appreciated.

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    08-17-15 04:02 PM
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    Does no one else have this problem. There must be others with this issue.

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    08-19-15 06:43 PM
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    Sorry to bump an old thread... but my BBM storage has been increasing up to 1.3GB I'm on Android and have 200 contacts.. 4 groups and 2 channels.

    on my other android phone i have 80 contacts, 3 groups and 6 channels total data 155Mb

    Chat history save turned off

    any solution to this gigantic storage?
    05-18-16 04:33 AM

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