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    I wanna understand why do we have BBM Protected? is BBM usually not protected? is it possible for someone to hack my BBM msgs ? if yes then how?, I will wanna take precautions form a software on my phone? an account hack? or server attacks?
    names of threat apps will be of great help too

    Also if i have bbm on my Blackberry and my friend on an android device, can any be hacked and access two way conversation?
    05-08-15 06:12 AM
  2. R1cowl's Avatar
    BBM does have a level of security over SMS and other messengers in that each BlackBerry has a key to decrypt the message. I think of it being similar to Https in that someone can't just snag the data though the network. BBM Protect takes it to the next level where a unique key is shared between you and the other person. There is an ongoing discussion at the following thread that you may be interested in.

    05-08-15 08:36 AM
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    Normal consumer BBM uses keys known to BlackBerry to "scramble" BBM traffic. To your average wannabe hacker / script kiddy BBM is "secure enough", it's not plain text so can't be read by packet analysis of the traffic. However government authorities in countries can legally force BlackBerry to unscramble BBM messages and reveal conversations if their laws allow it (and they usually do allow it, so that has happened several times).

    BBM Protected uses unique keys that BlackBerry does not have or know to encrypt BBM traffic. Neither BlackBerry nor anyone else can't decrypt BBM Protected traffic using today's computing power within the lifetime of the person wanting to read the conversation because they don't have the keys. As computing power grows over time who knows but that's the state of play today.

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    05-08-15 08:57 AM
  4. toieboie's Avatar
    Wow thats a lot of knowledge I just gained, cool, so basically a bbm convo is protected be it on BlackBerry or android or iPhone, but government can force its way trough if required, but bbm protected is all secure even from BlackBerry itself, makes sense coz I remember my place (bombay) being attacked by terrorists who were continously communicating amongst each other trough bbm thus were not able to be tracked, then bbm got banned in places like Saudi and other gcc countries, which lead to as of what I heard as a child that a tower was constructed in saudi and other countries with the main purpose to be able to read encrypted data over bbm which was for the government, cool

    Thanks, so my bbm conversations are safe pheww

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-15 06:25 AM

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