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    Please help,

    A friend (Jo) in a group accidentally paste a couple of weeks of conversations instead of just some conversations in the group. I notice that I have a problem with my BB yesterday around 10 AM, and happen to be with that friend. He's also having problem with his BBM. I thought it's just a network error.

    On the evening, I check with my gf (also in that group), and she said she also has problems with her bbm earlier but it's fie now. She mentioned that "Jo is posting/pasting his conversations with another friend in the groups (a couple of weeks worth based on the date)". So I start contacting the people in the groups and all of them has issue with their BBM.

    A few that use androids and ios, already back to normal today. But all that use BB phone still not recovered their BBM.

    I already contact my provider and they tell me that there are no issues with the connection, etc.

    Basically, the BBM can be opened but with no contact, no groups and empty. When someone send me a message, it just the check mark. Occasionally, after removing the battery I get a BB message in the Hub but I can't open to respond.

    Other aps like Whatsap, internet, email are working fine.

    I'm using Q10,, BBM


    07-23-14 12:16 AM
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    If someone posts a few weeks worth of message traffic that could be a huge data load which will tie up processing power and bandwidth while it is downloaded, stored, etc. I know I was on travel off network recently for about 9 hours, and one group discussion needed about 2 hours to sync when I recovered cellular signal.

    My suggestion is in two parts, first tell your "friend" to use the group for live discussion, and second.... you could try clearing the group content and history. If that doesn't work, drop put of the group and see if the problem clears (make sure you are not the only admin to return you to the group!), and you might have to close the group and start it again to clear the decks.
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    07-23-14 08:30 AM
  3. John Waltz's Avatar
    07-23-14 10:03 PM

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