1. sankylie's Avatar
    19 nov 2017, file manager showed folders with name .com.taobao.dp and alipay. i have delete them all. and i blocked storage permission from bbm, but when i open bbm, it keeps telling me to open the permission. bbm install those folders for what purpose?
    11-19-17 11:23 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    You're 100% sure it's BBM?
    11-20-17 12:21 AM
  3. sankylie's Avatar
    maybe u can help, if i am wrong. . my wife just get new key1 black ed. it has same folders too.
    11-20-17 06:22 AM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You're 100% sure it's BBM?

    It's all the different services BBM is adding to the app in the Discover menu. It's normal, especially if you're in the beta.
    11-20-17 07:43 AM
  5. valer466's Avatar
    Seems like they're the ad server files which reach out to ad networks to display ads in BBM feed.

    The ironic thing is despite paying for Ad removal monthly those folders still exist even after manually deleting them using SD Maid Pro & rechecking to find them after a restart, they'll still be there. Like reloading as the app starts.

    Guess the subscription just "hides" ads of my screen view, but anyway ends up firing an ad request as that's a basic app function now. Only BBM Android version 2.5.46 (ye ole apk), doesn't seem to load these folders since it never had ad display as a basic function.
    04-14-18 05:54 AM

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