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    The issue is that after having switched between my old Z10 and new Passport every couple of weeks or so for several months, after this last time that I've switched back to my Z10 from my Passport (the last couple times in fact, If I remember right), my BBM ID doesn't ask if I want to switch devices. It opens as usual and I assumed it was working all right, but I found it wasn't working all right when messages I sent on my Z10 wouldn't go through and I was still receiving messages on my Passport via wi-fi. So how may I fix it?

    I've just been switching my Sim card out after backing up my phones to a 3rd party to carry over text messages. This is what I've done the past few times rather than doing a complete back up every time through BB Link. (I still back up to Link occasionally.) thanks for the help!

    Z10 .3.1 FASTEST OS in the WEST!
    11-28-15 03:07 AM

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