1. blueyestm's Avatar
    OK my blend desktop version is and the actual exe file name is BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_1.2.0.52_B59. My Classics not cooperating with me this morning and I'm too tired to wait for it to populate. Will get back to you on that but its whatever is available in the appworld as I keep my aps up to date.

    This works on my WIN10 machines.
    06-21-17 05:49 AM
  2. vod332's Avatar
    I do have ultimate backup, but it doesn't do anything with BBM. I am running the same version. I formatted phone last night and before restoring, I tested Blend and it worked fine. So definitely something with the data or apps on the phone. I am attempting to restore only necessary apps to limit what I am looking for, but I fear it just may be in my main OS database.

    I still think my best bet would be to get my chats exported by Blackberry itself, but that seems like it will be an uphill battle.

    06-21-17 10:06 AM
  3. vod332's Avatar
    Ok. Finally got blend to work by formatting the device and only loading the BBM backup file to the device. Unfortunately, Blend is also restricted in the amount of messages it shows, same as email/copy chat restriction.

    No one has a better idea?

    thanks all!
    06-21-17 10:14 PM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    06-21-17 10:20 PM
  5. vod332's Avatar
    Thanks, but unfortunately that only supports bbos and not bb10.
    06-21-17 11:41 PM
  6. blueyestm's Avatar
    I'm outta ideas
    06-22-17 01:55 AM
  7. John Vieira's Avatar
    Pretty sure I said a while ago there was no way to do it, and to copy or screenshot the conversations.

    You're attempting to connect unsupported hardware, with unsupported software, to other unsupported software, to do something you aren't meant to be able to do.

    Something is going to fail to work at some point.

    Important things should have been backed up long ago. Now you don't have a solution.

    Blackberry doesn't care. And BBM isn't even a blackberry product anymore.

    Best of luck to you, but I think you're gonna have to do it the hard way.
    06-22-17 02:25 AM
  8. erinsteadman's Avatar
    There must be a way to move BBM chats from Classic to Keyone or at least export whole conversation. I have tried to find the backup file on device, copy convo, email convo, but no luck.

    Please help. I can't believe in all my years of being with Blackberry and meeting so many smart people, that this is not possible. Started with a 957 device (still have in perfect working condition and my last BBOS will be Classic)

    Come Crackberry world...someone please help.

    I would be fine just keeping Classic as a reference with all the conversations, but once I log into KeyOne with BBID, my conversations will be gone on classic.

    I was in the same boat as you. Can't lost that chat history. I ended up creating a new BB ID and then discovered you can't even export your BBM contact list. So I scanned every barcode for every contact on the KEYone and just kept my Passport SE with the old BB Id intact for my chat history. A pain in the *** but better than the alternative.
    07-16-17 06:20 PM
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