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    I have a z10 and a Passport. I have BBM on Passport but when I go to use it on z10 it says I already have it on another device and would I like to switch. Is it possible to have a separate account on the Z10 without having to switch it out of Passport each time??

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    12-31-16 06:25 AM
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    You would have to do a security wipe of one device and create a new BBID to sign into the other handset if you want to have both devices active at the same time.

    BBM is based off the old PIN messaging system that was device to device. Even with BBM you're technically not sending a message to the person you're talking to, but to their device.

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    12-31-16 09:19 AM
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    You can have one BBID added to as many blackberry devices as you wish. This will allow all the devices access to your purchased apps in BB World. In addition, when you log into BB Link on your PC with the same BBID, all those devices will be able to connect to the computer for remote access.

    When it comes to BBM however, you cannot have two instances of BBM running on separate devices with the same BBID. That is why it is telling you to switch devices - this is a non event - if you accept, it will immediately deactivate BBM on the original device, and activate it on the new one, moving your contacts along with it. Your new devices PIN will be automatically shared with your contacts, and they won't notice any difference. You can switch back to your other device at any time.

    This can be troublesome when using BBM Enterprise without autopassphrase enabled. Every time you switch devices, you need to re-share your public key with each of your contacts via a shared secret.

    To mitigate that inconvenience for the sake of my BBM contacts, I created multiple BBIDs, one for each device. My contacts know which device I'm using based on my posted availability.
    12-31-16 09:26 AM
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    Many thanks for your reply I greatly appreciate it. Zg

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    12-31-16 10:05 AM

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