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    Hi everyone - so i really want to come back to blackberry - im sick of the iphone. My one huge concern though is the text message issue when coming from an iphone. I picked up a Moto X a couple weeks ago and missed TONS of text messages. the minute i popped my sim back in my iphone all the messages came flowing in. I know its an imessage issue, but that shouldnt be the case. If someone is sending me an imessage to a NON iphone shouldnt it just be sent as a regular text?

    Was just wondering if this issue exists on BB10. I really want to come back.

    07-17-14 04:36 PM
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    Your issue is well known.

    What you need to do is that before you leave your iPhone, you need to log off of iMessage!

    If you don't it, apple will hold your number "hostage" meaning that all messages sent from your iPhone friends will be routed to apples servers and on hold to be delivered to your iPhone!

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    07-17-14 04:39 PM
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    It's an iMessage issue, one that Apple is actually being sued for.

    Try the two suggestions in this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/ask-que...essage-946339/
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    07-17-14 04:59 PM

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