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    Hey e'body,

    I've been poking around the BB universe for the last few days trying to find a solution to this one. I feel like I've made some progress but I'm not there yet. I hope someone can help.

    I want some manner of accountability solution for my BB10 device. Filtering. Monitoring. History lockout... anything would suffice. this of course is not available currently on BB10. However, I've heard a few things...

    A couple have suggested BES allowing for filtering policies. As a single, consumer-level user (and a technical layman) I fear this may be more solution than I can handle. By all means, prove me wrong with some great assistance, though!

    I heard from someone in the BES 10 forum that BB 10.3 will have some sort of capability in this regard, but they didn?t elaborate. Does anyone know what the specifics are there? If that was truly the case, I'd have a great excuse to upgrade to a Passport (not that I need much of an excuse)

    Any suggestions are appreciated. I've seen some responses to questions like these which have been... uncharitable. I would ask that, unless it's toward the specific solution I'm requesting, you save your opinions. In other words, please no "just don't look.." type answers.

    I'm glad I found this community and I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say!

    (posted from CB10 on a Z10 with my PB 32G close by)

    11-09-14 06:49 PM
  2. zeeten's Avatar
    There are some Android browsers that provide both filtering and history reporting, that can be installed on BB10 devices. Then you can use the built in BlackBerry Parental Controls to block the stock browser and other apps from being installed.

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    11-09-14 07:12 PM
  3. alphacr0m's Avatar
    Like it so far... Thanks for the idea, zeeten.

    Keep 'em coming, folks!

    BTW... Ideas that can be applied to the PlayBook are encouraged.
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    11-09-14 08:02 PM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    A couple have suggested BES allowing for filtering policies.
    Unless you have thousands of dollars to toss at a BES or plan on renting one or have access to a bunch of computer hardware for which to install BES software, those suggestions are rather useless. Zeeten's suggestions coupled with parental controls are really the only options.
    11-09-14 09:58 PM

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