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    I've used my BB Classic for over 2 years now but the battery seems to be getting a bit tired - so I have a "new" BB Classic which I'll start using. I've already transferred almost all of my data and settings over using BB Link, and that includes my Gmail calendar.

    However, the Local calendar on my old Classic does not seem to copy over, and I can't work out how to do that.

    Can anybody give me any advice as to how to copy all the Local calendar items? As I say, it is Classic to Classic, so I hope it shouldn't be too hard...?

    Thank you very much in anticipation...

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    06-15-17 03:07 AM
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    Link should have restored the local calendar - odd that it did not. Are you sure you've selected the local calendar to be seen on your new device (under settings of the calendar app)?

    Still, you can use a third party backup solution (Ultimate Backup or Backup Pro) to save the calendar to your SD card or cloud and restore to your new device.

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    06-15-17 08:43 AM
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    Thanks very much for your post. I'll recheck that on the new device, and if still no joy, I'll try the alternative you suggest.

    Much obliged!

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    06-15-17 08:56 AM

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