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    Hello CB Team,

    just has chance to visit BB Store in India.. the look and feel of Z3 is nice but the camera is not good.. if comapared with some android 5MP phone.. but i am not much in camera and games.. so i can ignore that part.. now my concern is
    will 10.3 and post 10.3 update will ever land on Z3 .. considering that its a lower end phone..?
    will OTG be ever supported on Z3

    a small review of my journey from BB to Android to BB
    i have been using IOS and Android from the last 2 years and i am totally bored with these OS now.. all companies like ApSungNy makes same phone and looks are different only.. but the real strenght and power of OS is not at all useful.. these OS are only for gaming and camera.. it looks like that i am looking at a same person who is just changing shabby cloths.. the real meaning and purpose of mobile phone is already gone .. but yes at the same time i must accept it that Android has created a lot many compaies and lot many jobs .. which is really good .. apart from that nothing new and innovative is there.. compaines like samsung, LG, HTC, Apple have started to struggle .. market share and prices of these phones are coming down and only small small companies like MI, Oppo, oneplus One and smilar smaller companies will be doinig good in future..
    those days are not too far when BB will be at number 1 again.. its just a matter of time..BB is already a master in security .. the only focus area at the moment should be innovation.. come with great ideas and innovation and for sure there will be no one out there challange BB for its OS power ..
    prior to Android i was using BB for 4 years and it was an awesome experience for that era of time.. since i heard that BB layoffs are over and Chen and his Team are leading teh company from the front .. so i thought of giving BB 10 a try.. this OS is really good and is in full compition for any other OS in teh market.. i wish BB all the very best and this 15th August (India Independence day) i will buy either Z30 or Z3 and get myself an independence from Android ..

    and thank you CB team for the beleif and trust you have in BB and .. and not leaving BB at the time of crisis.. you are a real champs..

    - Dheeraj
    08-07-14 06:06 AM
  2. anon1727506's Avatar

    Updates, of it will get updated to 10.3.1

    OTG - No

    Get a Z30, it's a much better device!
    08-07-14 07:41 AM

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