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    My Z10 BB STL-2 won't turn on after turning off. I have to press volume buttons both with on/off, sometimes take out the battery.

    When I turn off the cellphone, or it will turn off becouse of the drained battery while im turining it of again it shows red blinking light. Code of blinking is 1101111 - |Exception: undefined isntruction"

    The problem was described (.->,):
    https://forums,crackberry,com/blackberry-z10-f254/how-do-i-fix-z10-led-error-code-1101111-a-1012568/ - here
    https://forums,crackberry,com/ask-question-f432/my-blackberry-z10-wont-turn-but-red-lights-flashing-993865/ - here
    https://developer,blackberry,com/android/documentation/bb_runtime_release_notes_kil,html -in the comments section
    http://www,bbforum,pl/showthread,php/50588-Po-wy%C5%82%C4%85czeniu-dioda-miga-2xwolno-4xszybko-brak-reakcji - polish forum

    I've tried couple of solutions - none of them work.
    I used SIC multiwipe, tried alot of OSes (I cannot run lower than 10.3). Updated with BB ling with no success.

    - what might be the reason of this problem?
    - what the code 1101111 actually means?
    - any solutions?
    - any way to downgrade to 10.2 or even 10.1 to try other OSes? autoloader show message "OS is blocked from your device" while i'm trying do use lower than 10.3
    01-20-18 06:57 AM

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