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    Dear Crackberry community,

    iPhone-to-Keyone converter and (continual) Macbook user here. I have been busting my <something with a> trying to sync my iCal with the native Calendar app... I cannot find the answer in threads in here, so hoping you can help me out!

    When I add any of my iCals as a "BlackBerry-subscribed calendar" in the app, the events I have inserted on my MacBook do not show up.

    I then added my iPhone (and hence iCal)-synchronized Gmail account to the Hub, which synchronized previous events, but 1) the app does not update when I insert new events into iCal on my Macbook; 2) all events are the same color in spite of being 5 different calendars, and this cannot be changed since the app synchronizes my iCal through my iPhone, which I do not use anymore.

    How do I synchronize my iCal with my BB Cal such that it continually updates with new events in the color that I have assigned in the BB Cal?

    Thanks so much in advance!
    07-04-17 04:01 PM

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