1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello there... I updated my BB Q10 to the newest version by BlackBerry link and after one month (cca) of using I didn't realized that my keyboard light is not working in the dark... but I don't know if it is caused by that update or HW problem...

    I used BB virtual expert and tested whole sensors... every single sensor wasn't found..

    Please help me to solve this...
    03-14-17 04:08 PM
  2. Ragbert's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a hard restart since you upgraded? Hold down both the vol. up & down buttons until the screen goes black, then let go and wait until the phone has rebooted completely. OR... hold down the top button until the phone shows the timer and tap Restart. Then wait until the phone reboots completely. See if this brings your sensors back.

    If not... are you sure they were all working before you did the software upgrade? Have you tried re-installing the 10.3.3 upgrade? Maybe it didn't completely install.

    Let us know what you've tried and whether anything changed.
    03-15-17 06:21 PM
  3. Daniel Naozaj's Avatar
    Well.. I upgraded OS to hoping that something will change but with no results... BBVE still can't find any sensors... compass, gps, accelometer, keyboard light, proximity sensor are not working, even after restart, wipe and factory reset...

    I tried downgraded to 10.2.0 but autoloader shows some errors (didn't noticed text, because it collapsed too fast to read it) now I am downloading which should work (as I googled it) what brings another one question:

    Does somebody have BB Q10 with working sensors? If yes.. which version of OS is installed? Thanks in advance

    (sry for my english)
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    03-15-17 08:13 PM
  4. Ragbert's Avatar
    You can't downgrade to 10.3.2 or lower from 10.3.3. Don't even try. If you mess up your OS completely, you should probably start again with a 10.3.3 autoloader, and do not attempt to go back to an earlier version.

    If none of this helps, you could have a hardware problem. Did you notice the absence of LED notifications or keyboard lighting before you upgraded? Have you dropped the phone recently, or checked to see if the back door panel is on securely? Does your torch work, or the flash on your camera?

    I have a Q10 (OS version in my sig below). I haven't tried to upgrade to 10.3.3 yet - I need to back up everything and make some more room first. I'm not in a huge hurry, since so far everything is working fine.

    Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2,
    03-15-17 09:10 PM
  5. Daniel Naozaj's Avatar
    Yeah, you are right... I tried to downgrade and BB died I ran 10.3.3 autoloader and BB is alive again... I didn't noticed the absence of LED notif or keyboard light... my torch is working fine so I really don't know what to do...

    Maybe I can try to copy all system files attached to sensors from previous version to my actual version... do you think it will work?
    03-17-17 06:41 AM
  6. Ragbert's Avatar
    No, do NOT try to copy anything from your older version. You'll do more damage to your system.

    At this point, I would suggest reporting your situation to BlackBerry. Many other BB10 users who upgraded have had problems afterward, and BlackBerry is apparently investigating the issues reported. See here:

    About the BlackBerry Virtual Expert sensor tests: At the last screen is a link to send the results directly to BlackBerry. If you didn't use that link the first time, I would recommend re-running the tests and using it. Hopefully a fix is on the way!

    Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2,
    03-17-17 04:22 PM
  7. Daniel Naozaj's Avatar
    OK thanks for answers and help I will let you know about my progress.. now I am going to send some error reports to tech support
    03-18-17 04:40 AM
  8. kasenda lizu's Avatar
    i just downloaded autoloader but still my z10 is not switching on but having a red light any help
    03-18-17 11:31 AM
  9. Ragbert's Avatar
    You're welcome, and good luck!
    OK thanks for answers and help I will let you know about my progress.. now I am going to send some error reports to tech support
    Typed on my Q10, SQN100-2,
    03-18-17 01:02 PM

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