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    I have recently switched from Bold 9900 (BB7) to Passport (BB10.3...). The Bold interacted with the car kit transmitting voice instruction as expected with Blackberry Navigator and another Nov App. I have tried all available settings options The BB Maps in the Passport and the other Nav app do not transmit sound to the same car kit.

    The car kit handles phone calls from the passport and the 'assistant' audio transmits through the car kit. Thus there is audio connection between the two in both directions.

    I will be grateful for advice on how to resolve this issue.
    11-11-16 01:43 PM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Unfortunately, not all bluetooth kits headsets, etc. are created equal.
    Think of a software program that worked fine on your home computer with Windows 7, but won't even install on Windows 10.

    Depending on the company name on your kit, they may have an updated firmware or you may have to upgrade your bluetooth devices to work.
    As new mobile devices bring us more advanced systems, so do the bluetooth devices offer new and more efficient products.

    Before you make any decisions, I suggest you contact the Manufacturer and ask them directly.
    In today's digital world, things are changing so rapidly that a lot of things that were not so user friendly (like every brand had it's own exclusive port side and special charger) are starting to come around and certain things are starting to use the "signals and port size to accommodate more external sources. "
    If you do end up buying a new kit,... a word of advice. don't necessarily look for the best ":deal," Consider that what you buy is now more of an investment. I've tested most of the well known brands and found Plantronics to do everything is said it would on Android and Blackberry.
    Apple still has it's own agenda when it come to most products.

    I guess you could say that external devices are only as perfect as your mobile device is.
    11-11-16 02:43 PM

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