1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    I have had a Bold 9700 for many years from TMobile. It finally broke, I have an equipment protection plan, and what they are offering me for a replacement is the Curve. I got the Curve in the mail, and I don't like the keyboard. What to do? Will I get used to this different keyboard configuration? Plus, the Curve just looks so cheap to me. Takes the fun out of BB.
    07-26-14 10:49 AM
  2. Andrew Sheil's Avatar
    what curve model? 9720?
    07-26-14 11:05 AM
  3. newhavengal's Avatar
    No, I think it is an earlier model. Possibly a 9320 or something. It says "space" on the space bar.
    07-26-14 11:22 AM
  4. divyan's Avatar
    Please see if you can get a 9900.

    Posted via CB10 from my Z30
    07-26-14 11:24 AM
  5. newhavengal's Avatar
    I can't. Since T mobile no longer sells BB, this is the only model they have in stock to replace with. Should I just cancel the service? Will I hate this Curve after the Bold?
    07-26-14 11:35 AM
  6. newhavengal's Avatar
    It is the Curve 9315 that T mobile gave me. Is it equivalent to the Bold in any way?
    07-26-14 11:39 AM
  7. Andrew Sheil's Avatar
    shouldnt replacements be like for like? sounds like your getting a downgrade. I get that thats all the bb they have so hope your being compensated accordingly.
    07-26-14 11:40 AM
  8. agp101's Avatar
    For me, the Curve 9320 was a huge upgrade to the Bold 9700. I got used to the keyboard and actually liked it better. I find the island style keys are better for smaller keyboards, and the smooth keys on the bold better serve the 9900 or Q10.

    Make sure you're running OS 7.1. 9700 is really old and slow and inefficient, especially on OS6. If you were on OS5, then personally you're crazy to think the 9320 is worse!!

    If you're not sure which Curve you have, just open the settings and type "about device versions". Select that option and see the model number of your Curve, as well as the software version currently installed.

    9700 was a great phone (at the time), but any OS7 device easily beats it hands down.

    Maybe if you had the Bold 9780 with more storage space, resulting with a good working OS6 and you really don't like the Curve hardware, fine. But 9700.. Yikes.. OS6 is bad on it and OS5 just stinks, period. OS7 has a major browser improvement over OS6 as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Posted via CrackBerry App
    07-26-14 11:47 AM
  9. newhavengal's Avatar
    Thanks. My old phone was totally useless for web surfing, and pretty useless for email, TBH. But I just love texting on it (I do email and web on a work iphone). And I really like the way the Bold 9700 looks and feels. The Curve 9315 feels really really cheap.
    07-26-14 11:55 AM
  10. newhavengal's Avatar
    Yes, it feels like a downgrade. Do you think they would compensate me? Anyone have experience with this?
    07-26-14 11:56 AM
  11. Andrew Sheil's Avatar
    correct me if i'm wrong, but if the 9700 was a 'high end device' when you got it and your cover plan was priced accordingly, surely the 9315 is a joke? no!

    Also whats with all the 9700 bashing. Lol i'm using that bad boy with OS5 for the last couple months. it may not have all the bells and whistles but it sure gets stuff done pretty nifty.... just don't do any web browsing though....
    07-27-14 05:07 AM
  12. agp101's Avatar
    The 9700 was a high end device "ages" ago.
    OS5 is incredibly outdated. If you think it's good, then you haven't experienced what "good" is. You've set the bar low from the get go.

    Posted via CrackBerry App
    07-27-14 09:33 AM
  13. archieAPC Z10's Avatar
    There's a big chance that you will dislike the curve if you used your Bold for a long time coz BlackBerry Bold is the premier version of the curve. Or should I say the more expensive edition of the curve that goes along with its specs of course.

    APC Z10 ?
    07-27-14 10:31 AM
  14. Andrew Sheil's Avatar
    The 9700 was a high end device "ages" ago.
    OS5 is incredibly outdated. If you think it's good, then you haven't experienced what "good" is. You've set the bar low from the get go.
    All I'm saying is that when the OP got his phone it was a high end device and he paid for a cover plan on that basis. even though the phone now wouldnt be considered high end the plan he paid for should entitle him to a better phone than the 9315. Considering thats the only bb they have i feel he should be entitiled to some sort of compensation. I would not consider it a like for like deal.
    07-27-14 10:46 AM

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