1. christost68's Avatar

    I have a bb 9000 bold (some would say do these devices still exist?). In the last 4-5 months the battery ends very quickly (at a rate of 10% per hour!).
    I checked everything !!!
    1. I put the battery in another bb 9000 bold and keeps fine, so do not blame the battery
    2. I uninstalled all the latest applications and did not improve (even uninstalled the app world as a suspect because it had a recent update that works necessarily with blackberry id - uninstalled both)
    3. I checked and I disabled all sync options and still nothing
    4 . I wiped and reinstalled all data and OS making sure to keep deactivated the items of the previous two steps. (Of course, after each wipe I recalled a previous backup - but because it seemed suspicious too, after the first 2-3 wipes I made a backup that included only options that have to do with the keyboard, the sound profiles and address book without synchronizations and recalled this backup; still no results)
    5. I erased a bunch of emails, including all saved emails and half of the sms and still nothing!

    Also the wi fi is turned off and the mobile network set to 2G.

    I did not format the internal memory, just wipe. I suspect that it's the device (hardware). It's the only thing I have not checked. I can do this using the handheld for another BB user account to see if the problem remains.
    Are there any other suggestions?
    09-08-14 05:03 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    How old is the battery? After about a year they need to be replaced.
    09-08-14 05:33 AM
  3. christost68's Avatar
    The battery is 4 years old!
    But it is fine when I put it in another handheld! And when I use another battery in my handheld I have the same problem! (I charge the battery when it is under 3% and the handheld is turned off in 90% of the cases so the battery is kept in very good condition.)
    If the battery was the problem then my handheld should work fine with the other ones I put on it.
    09-09-14 02:54 AM

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