1. aliraza gilani's Avatar
    i just put my bb 9000 on charge via usb cable for whole night , on next day my mobile didn't worked , its shows only black screen , no white screen no errors nothing , some times it blinks 3 times , sometimes it do not blinks and somethimes it blnks for 10 secs continously , have tried every thing , bbsak , dekstop software , app loader , app updater , blackberry master control program but couldnt found my device (with and without battery) in all of these softwares , No unkown device 0 bla bla nothing , i just want to recover it , if any one of u will help then ill b thankful to them , really thankful , Please Healp if u can !!!
    07-17-14 06:03 PM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Try installing the OS again but hold down the button and keep it held down until it connects. (With a usb cable and with the battery installed!!)
    And just stick with Desktop Manager.. MCP and the others can be more confusing than helpful at times.
    07-17-14 07:37 PM

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