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    I have prob with my stl-100-1 battery, my phone kept on switching off at 81% so I decided to charge it via my hubby bb(same phone, bbz10) till a 100%, ive got a app to show how healthy is it though it still shows its 47% healthy is it just the app or shud I wait and see when it switches off again( if it does).
    I use via ps3 to charge before abd normal original charger, my phone sat withouts battery in for nearly an hour, so im hoping it works, if anyone has any other advise pls assist me thanx

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    Ussually it would be green. Here is another app I use.

    Attachment 350148 shud I just wait and see.
    04-29-15 07:51 AM
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    you should be charging your phone with a BB oem charger. Do you have one? That is going to give the best result.
    04-29-15 09:07 AM

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