1. rinku198611's Avatar
    Please send me tips to save extreme battery power of z10??

    Posted via CB10
    12-27-14 10:51 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    Two of the most common and useful ways are to make sure you close apps after using them and turning your screen brightness down low.
    12-27-14 11:07 AM
  3. wehttam's Avatar
    the z10 is ridiculous on battery life end of story no matter how much tips you get it is still not going to last i'll recommend getting a z30 if you cant afford that right now buy the extra battery pack it worked wonders when I had a z10...................when ever I think about that phone I get angry
    12-27-14 11:27 AM
  4. anischab's Avatar
    An ultimate advice: buy a battery charging bundle, you simply swap the batteries and therefore, you double the time you're on the go... I was very satisfied swapping the batteries on my Q10

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
    12-27-14 12:08 PM

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