1. rraabbott's Avatar
    I have been having problems the last couple of weeks with my KeyOne draining battery power when it has been idle. There is no reason for the level to drop from 80% down to 20%. I do not understand what is happening
    04-13-18 10:04 AM
  2. glwerry's Avatar
    Possibly you have an app running in the background. Check the battery usage app to see what is consuming the battery.

    Have you done a hard reboot? Hold the power button down for 32 seconds - it simulates a battery pull.

    Also try clearing your cache.
    UDX likes this.
    04-13-18 10:16 AM
  3. Kate Nelson's Avatar
    My parents use blackberry phones for many years. But they never had any complaints about the battery.
    04-17-18 05:41 AM

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