1. 1975aL's Avatar
    Installed the latest update on my Z10 STL100-1 a few weeks back but woke up this morning to find my phone heating up. On the device monitor, battery usage had taken a nosedive throughout the night and the culprit was BBM showing 57% battery usage. This was despite the fact that I was not connected to the Internet via wifi or otherwise. These were the same symptoms before the update.

    Had to shutdown and restart after a while.

    Anyone else facing the same issue? Help!
    07-26-14 03:52 AM
  2. irfanintekhab's Avatar
    I faced this as well. On Z10STL100-1/

    Posted via CB10
    07-26-14 05:52 AM
  3. archieAPC Z10's Avatar
    Make sure your Z10 is not placed on a hot room or area coz it absorbs the heat and consumes the battery life. It happened to me before.

    APC? Z10 ?
    07-26-14 06:35 AM
  4. 1975aL's Avatar
    Nothing like that. Must be some glitch in the app or the OS.
    07-26-14 10:39 AM
  5. ronfc's Avatar
    This issue usually subsides without you knowing it. Just turn OFF your device by holding down the power button until it shuts down then after a while, turn it back ON again. If the problem is too serious, you may want to consider an OS reload.

    Cave, cave, moderator videt
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    07-26-14 11:17 AM
  6. Rafael Angeles's Avatar
    Try removing some apps connected to bbm. Go to permissions then do not allow bbm connect. I dont know if that will work but at least give it a try.

    Posted via My Awesome Passport | @angelesrobby
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    07-26-14 12:13 PM
  7. 1975aL's Avatar
    What I figured out albeit accidentally, was to switch on flight mode for a while. That way all radios are turned off and all engines cool down. Even then I hope there's a lasting solution to this.
    07-26-14 02:14 PM
  8. Rico4you's Avatar
    Disconnect BlackBerry link, disable GPS location, sync email interval to lowest level and dim the screen as much as possible. Also try the following it worked for me and now getting 10 hours running STL-100-1 on

    Best of luck.
    07-27-14 05:33 PM
  9. Rico4you's Avatar
    Also suggest purchase Blackberry battery charge bundle. Worth ever cent!

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    07-27-14 06:28 PM

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