1. WestminsterUK's Avatar
    Please advise what is necessary to amend settings for my Blackberry Priv, travelling from the UK to Portugal to save any invoice surprises and to maximise the benefits of the Blackberry Priv in Portugal; Blackberry Priv synced with computer to remain in the UK.
    04-17-17 01:57 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Do you need to make calls? Does your carrier allow free WiFi calling? Or do you use Google Voice, or Skype for WiFi calling? Can you get by with just data while connected to WiFi. Most likely your hotel will have free or for a minimal charge WiFi, you should use that for most stuff on the phone AND of course for your PC and/or tablet if you bring them. You can either just pop out your SIM card to be 100% safe, OR turn off all but the WiFi radio. Another option would be to either check with your carrier and see if they have some sort of traveler's plan you can get for the stay, OR you can see about buying a local SIM in Portugal to use in the phone, which you need to make sure has data on it. My recommendation is to just take out the SIM, and just use the hotel WiFi and WiFi you may find at internet cafe's and such. And if you don't have free WiFi calling from your carrier use Skype if you must make a call, or Google Voice.
    04-17-17 10:29 AM

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