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    So about a year ago I bought a Blackberry Classic, got excited about reading about it, watching reviews, tired of android and didn't want to go with ios. Never used a Blackberry device before. Needless to say it was a complete disappointment after turning it. I really liked the size and I loved the build quality and the keyboard, but that's where my love stopped. I found the OS very slow and unresponsive. I tried to watch a HD youtube video to see how the smaller screen would react, the Classic kept stuttering and had trouble even playing the youtube video. I found the app's very lacking. My bank didn't support Blackberries app store, I do all my banking online so that was going to be a problem. I had the phone complete freeze up on me with in the first hour of using it. I don't play games on my phone so I wasn't looking for that. The main few apps that I did use, only have IOS and or Android versions. It was very frustrating and I ended up taking the phone back the same day. The thing is I really wanted to like the phone. But being slow, glitchy and not being able to even access my bank was a problem. Another problem was that the Classic at the time was at the top of its retail price competing with the newest Iphone. I ended up getting an iphone.

    I really want a blackberry form factor though. I like the black with chrome and the keyboard. I love the keyboard. This has me looking at the Mercury. If the app problem could be fixed, that would be better. I wanted to experince Blackberry 10, but not if I have to figure out a hard to do method of side loading an app that may or may not work just to access my bank and my stock market apps.

    I am wondering if the bugs have been worked out of the Classic with all this time? Or should I just keep watching the Mercury? I am thinking of giving Blackberry a second chance, but I don't know.
    01-09-17 12:02 AM
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    The Mercury will be running Android 7 (Nougat), so app issues are a thing of the past.

    As for the Classic, not much has changed from a year ago. The OS is comatose at best.
  3. thurask's Avatar
    The Mercury will be running Android 7 (Nougat), so app issues are a thing of the past.

    As for the Classic, not much has changed from a year ago. The OS is comatose at best.
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    01-09-17 12:20 AM
  4. gugomat's Avatar
    No. You don't need to. Just leave it behind and move further to other platform or BlackBerry Android ecosystem.

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-17 02:26 AM
  5. DiegoV_G's Avatar
    Absolutely not, that has to be a joke! At this point is a total waste of time and money getting a bb10 device. Wait for the new Mercury or get an android blackberry

    Posted via Passport SE
    01-09-17 04:33 AM
  6. Harsha Perera's Avatar
    Something must have been wrong with the device you had. I have been using the Classic for years and there is no problems with it. It does not lag videos play as it should and needless to say the BB10 OS is smooth and solid as a rock. You will however have an app problem, this is the only short coming the BB10 OS has, there is no app eco system. You can go BlackBerry Android, but remember it IS Android. You will have glitches, OS problems, bugs, and the only thing you will not have is privacy and security. But it should sort out your app problem.

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-17 02:46 PM

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