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    I'm back to my default factory OS on my Z30 after hovering around 10.3.0 for the last 3 months. My phone is 6 Months old and I certainly had problems lately with leaked OS before my contacts crashing upon downloading Max Contact Manager. It is when I realised apps installed on leaked OS tend to behave strange and could potentially lead to few issues.. Today I fried up my upon a clean install of 10.2.1 from BlackBerry Link. It took its good time to download the OS and load it on to the device and at last my phone looks as new as I bought.. Would stick with this OS till the official 10.3 is released for Z30

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    12-05-14 08:33 AM
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    Same realization here

    Z10. STL100-1. 10.2.1
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    12-05-14 08:44 AM

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