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    Hi Everyone!
    I am going back in time and I now own a Blackberry Bold 9900. I was hoping to get some tips about enjoying the most of this device in 2014...or almost 2015.
    A small hardware question first: I was never a fan of having to buy a new Sim card every time I switched phones, so now I have Micro-SIM from my previous phone. Should I use the SIM adapter on my Bold or should I get a new sim card? Or is it even possible to use a SIM adapter on my Bold?
    And, will I have a problem charging the phone with ANY other MicrosUSB charger?

    I will have a BIS plan from my employer, but just in case, I have questions about using these below apps and options I had on IOS and Crapdroid.
    Thank you ALL!

    Messaging Apps- Will Viber and/or Whatsapp work without a BIS plan?
    Browsing- Best browser to use without a BIS plan or in general?
    Offline Maps?
    Reading emails?
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    09-18-14 09:52 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry forums. Hope you find the place as enjoyable as so many of us have for so long.

    That 9900 is one very fine device. Owned one in the past and my wife still uses hers daily. Good choice.

    A new SIM card is my personal recommendation. Some folks have done well with adapters and others had trouble. In my family we just go to the store for a SIM and make sure we are well.

    Don't know about those apps. Never used either one. Lots may not work without BIS on that device. Others may have definitive answers as to all your questions.
    09-18-14 11:42 AM
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    Thank you !
    09-18-14 03:48 PM

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