1. Joe36's Avatar
    I installed an app called "Black Theme" and tried using 1 theme, then I removed the theme, changed the wallpaper and delete the app. (I do this just on Sunday)

    On Wednesday, I restarted my phone and suddenly recognized that the phone restored exactly to data on Sunday, the app was still there and the theme was still being use. Also the messages, calls, photos and many things else on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were all lost, the datas on device just returned back to exactly on Sunday.

    I tried removing the theme and delete the app, took some photos and then restarted, it just still happened and I lost my files every times I restarted. How can I fix this please help me with this problem !!! Thanks all !

    Posted via CB10
    03-04-15 06:53 AM
  2. JPSKILLZ's Avatar
    The EXACT same thing is happening to me! Are you running a leaked OS? Because I am. And it didn't happen until I did.
    07-24-15 01:46 PM

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