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    I waited anxiously for Passport to arrive, paid full price at dealer and it worked like a charm. Recently, auto focus started getting worse and worse, it now takes over 3-4 minutes after soft and hard resets, playing between camera and camera+ and other third party apps. Running, I went to tech service...they do not have a release date for software update and if I want them to check the camera, it has to be sent to Canada so they gave me a 3 MONTH turnaround!

    After using BB since it first came into the business world, and as much as I love the speed and features of the passport, having this 'glitch' makes this useless for my business.

    Is there a fix? I trust BB, but I just can not believe that spending over $600us with a 3 month trunaround for tech support makes them a key player.

    I am sitting at the airport, on my way to a multi city trip that requires pictures to be taken on product development, and so far, passport is useless. Any help would be welcome!
    05-11-15 07:40 AM
  2. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Why don't you install an update from here?
    Autofocus is much better in 10.3.1
    05-11-15 08:05 AM
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    Problem has been solved in later OS updates.

    There's your best option for a fix but you'll need to download a program for your computer called Sachesi:


    If you want to try updating over the air, you can try updating using the Software Update in Settings. According to your carrier you may not receive any update, although most are on 10.3.1.xxxx by now. However you might still end up with a version that's older than the above which may or may not have focus issues.

    Posted via CB10
    05-11-15 08:28 AM

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