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    BB is going to fail unless they offer support like the other phone companies do. I've been loyal to BB since 2004, have a Z10 and like the phone. But when my wife has issues with her iPhone, she calls Apple and gets a real human being. I called Backberry and was told that they don't offer support unless I pay extra for it. Are you serious?

    They tell you to call ATT, but when I do, the person I talk with says that she/he has never used a BB. In fact, right now, the only BB that ATT offers online has is the Q10. The stores don't have any BB's. The salespeople tell me that my Z10 has been discontinued and they don't know anything about other BB's.

    If John Chen does not offer REAL customer support at his company, Blackberry is dead. Only a fool would not know this.
    10-31-14 08:24 PM
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    Well, here's how it's set up: BlackBerry (and I guess pretty much everyone but Apple) has the carrier handle technical support for phones sold through the carrier. Samsung, HTC, Nokia--all of them. So when the AT&T person tells you they can't help you, you need to tell them "like hell you can't. Transfer me to your BlackBerry support department." They sold you the phone, they need to support it. If the issue is beyond their ability, they can escalate it to BB by opening a ticket, which waives the tech support fee you're talking about.

    If you bought a factory unlocked phone from ShopBlackBerry, then yes, BB should provide support for it.
    10-31-14 08:39 PM

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