1. andi-bsd's Avatar
    Os10 is still favourite os except 1 reason hold me between switching to another os or keep with BlackBerry. The reason is that remote app from fuji film x series app that cannot run in my z30. It just can not connect to cam's wifi.

    I donot even need many kind of social media apps or games app either.

    May be anyone can help how to make this app running on BlackBerry os, it would awesome.

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    10-05-15 11:10 AM
  2. baarn's Avatar
    The app is an Android app and it probably tries to connect to the camera using WiFi direct. BlackBerry doesn't provide access for apps to significantly manipulate WiFi connections, so the app cannot make the connection.

    I won't say that it will work, but you could try manually connecting to the camera using Wifi direct from your Z30 system settings. If you get connected, then start the app and see if it will use the existing connection.

    Let us know if it works.
    10-05-15 01:10 PM
  3. andi-bsd's Avatar
    android app of toshiba flash air works smooth with z30 or z10.

    So. Canot figured out what makes fuji app failed to connect from camera to my z30. Maybe next time i will take another try.

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    10-05-15 01:33 PM
  4. baarn's Avatar
    If I've understood correctly, then the Toshiba app is for accessing a WiFi enabled SD card that has been inserted in your phone. That's different from the FujiFilm app which is attempting to connect your phone to a remote WiFi enabled camera over the air.

    But in any case, depending on how they are written, Android apps will either work or not work on your BlackBerry device. It's all just trial and error. If you know someone that managed to get the app to work on a BB device, then that could indicate something wrong in your specific device's case, otherwise we'll just have to assume that it is not compatible.

    I had a quick look at the X-T1 specifications. It seems that it uses WiFi in infrastructure mode, presumably with WPS to simplify the connection process. You can probably forget what I said about WiFI Direct.
    If you want to try it, try disconnecting your phone from mobile data, disconnect from your normal WiFi router, and then try to connect to your camera as if it were a WiFi router. You may need to configure something or view settings on the camera, eg.SSID, passkey. If it connects, then try the app. If not, well you are probably out of luck - unless someone else has better ideas.
    10-05-15 03:57 PM
  5. andi-bsd's Avatar
    Toshiba flash air is a memory card that have wifi module, inserted to camera digital. Than we can explore the data in in from our BlackBerry via flash air android apk installed.

    But. Fuji app have more advanced tool that we also can do a real time remote shooting via our fuji app from apps.

    Sorry i d forgot the process done before, but seem faild to connect to wifi.

    Maybe i will get another try.

    Thanks somuch for tips, baarn

    Posted via CB10
    10-05-15 10:40 PM

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