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    SOLVED: Hi there...Am having some trouble finding the icon for Snapseed which shows in Play Store though. I've been googling for an answer first but now need to write here.

    I had to uninstall some Android apps on my Q5 the other day in order to make space to install the latest OS .2836. The Android apps were installed via Play Store (which was installed with cobalt232's instructions).

    Now when I wanted to reinstall Snapseed for example, I was able to find it in Play Store and even can run it, but no icon on the screen can be found. I must add, I deleted Snapseed just like you delete BlackBerry apps by clicking and holding them.

    However, when I try to delete Snapseed (or Skype) in Play Store (or even with Ghost Commander), it always crashes. I've reinstalled the 3 apk from Cobalt232's instructions but no change...?

    Classic .2876
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    12-21-15 04:18 PM
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    Pretty sure that OS just doesn't play nice with APK installs and uninstalls. I've seen these issues mentioned a few times now.
    12-21-15 04:30 PM
  3. anon(9208252)'s Avatar
    You will have to load these bar files, there was a problem in 2876.

    12-21-15 04:32 PM
  4. Chris_R's Avatar
    Ah, great, thanks, will try this just now.

    Edit:it did work, so thanks heaps for this! I was able to un- and reinstall the apps.

    Classic .2876
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    12-21-15 04:39 PM

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