1. blackmango's Avatar
    Hi friends

    Need your help here...not sure why but when apps are being moved to the Sd card they stop working...some are pretty heavy apps like amazon store, Bbc world etc

    Can someone give me a workaround on this...


    Posted via CB10
    09-23-14 11:46 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    First off, welcome to CrackBerry!
    Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.

    BB10 cannot run apps from the sd card. They can only be installed in Device Memory.

    I have a feeling you're a bit mixed up. You download an apk file, and you can store that on the sd card. When you install that apk, it puts the app/game in Device Memory and gives you an icon on home screen.

    Hope that makes sense.
    09-23-14 11:56 PM
  3. blackmango's Avatar
    Thanks Elite. That really helps...my last BlackBerry device was the pearl...returning back after ages...so getting used to the bb10...

    But one quick thing...since much device memory has limited memory space...so this means I would not be able to install too many apps.

    I am using the BlackBerry Z3 with 10.2.1

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-14 12:09 AM
  4. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    The Z3 and Q5 both have limited memory space. So everything that isn't an app should go on SD card and you shouldn't install games big games.

    09-24-14 12:24 AM

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