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    Hello. I am new to this so please bare with me.

    I just got my Z30 yesterday and updated to I had no trouble with the installation except losing my internet connection during the download, but it resumed when I got the connection back. After the update, I installed a few apps from the Amazon app store. I had a problem with Spotify taking a while to load, and sometimes while listening to music an error would pop up saying that it couldn't connect to the amazon app store, but if I ignored the error my music would continue to play without a problem. Later I installed some apps from Google Play Store, and after that I started having trouble with both app stores. When I launched the Amazon app store, it said that it had stopped working, same thing with the Play Store. The problem has continued and now I can't open any app downloaded from either of them. It gives me this error: com.android.systemapps isn't responding

    I have restarted my phone several times and did a hard reset once. What can I do to fix this? Should I give it time to adjust to the update before I do anything else? I'm just a new Blackberry user who has high expectations for their phone and doesn't want to mess anything up. Any and all help is appreciated.
    06-30-16 01:51 AM

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