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    Just never understood why BlackBerry never were able to get the app store as good as Android and IPhone back when they were the phone to have. I love my BlackBerry but many of the apps i want don't work. And with the job I have I need these apps to help me get through the day. I'm forced to use an iPhone because of this problem.

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    11-27-16 01:28 PM
  2. Lusitano17's Avatar
    Your concerns are those that all remaining BlackBerry users have had for all g while now.....the reality is we all deal with a dead OS regardless of whether or not it's BBOS or BB10.
    The time will come soon where if apps are what's needed we will need to move to iOS /android or a BlackBerry android( if they too continue on).

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    11-27-16 02:23 PM
  3. app_Developer's Avatar
    If it helps you to understand why: back when BB phones were the ones to have, BB10 hadn't yet come out. The old BBOS was very limited in what if offered app designers and developers, compared to what we were offered in 2008-2010 on iPhone and Android. By 2011, not only were the iOS and Android SDK's and APIs getting quite sophisticated, the two platforms were also getting to be very popular with users worldwide. At that point it made sense for most developers to focus on these 2 platforms.

    It was around this time, when people were focusing on 2, that we were first introduced to BB10. It was another year again before BB was able to actually ship BB10. By then it was just far too late.
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    11-27-16 03:00 PM
  4. early2bed's Avatar
    The first thing that app developers want is users. Not just any users but app-loving users. It doesn't matter whether you are charging for your app or putting it out there for free - all developers want users.

    Second, they want a robust development environment. That usually includes a big screen. The Palm OS PDA was the most successful app platform prior to the iPhone because it had a big rectangular screen and a software development kit. Only with the Treo smartphone did they shrink the screen to make room for a keyboard.

    Third, they want access to consumers via an app store to host the downloads and take the payments. Prior to the iPhone App Store, developers had to set up payment mechanisms and do the technical support. Imagine having to take credit card payments and manage unlock codes for a $10 app and then have to explain to people what a .zip file is. It wasn't any picnic for users, either since you had to enter your credit card info and wait for your unlock code DAYS later.

    This is why both developers and users immediately jumped into Apple's walled garden - it was so nice in there. It was a true innovation. Android wasn't as good at it but user-base justified developers participating. Why do any more smartphone platforms, especially when even tablets apps are also in demand? If you don't see a lot of BlackBerrys around then developers don't see them either, so why would they bother?
    11-27-16 03:28 PM

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