1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Many application permissions cannot be modified on my Classic. This seems really weird to me. I thought BlackBerry was all about security but this doesn't seem to jive with security to me. Why would an app need to know my contacts, etc? What's that all about?
    03-15-16 10:46 PM
  2. semime's Avatar
    Those would be the android ports. Native apps are what you're thinking of as being able to enable/disable certain permissions.

    When you first install the app you're provided with the reasons for said permissions - and usually there's legitimate need for such access, like sharing, etc. You can put yourself at ease (or increase paranoia) by looking those permissions over upon install and relating how it compares to the function of the app. Usually it needs the permission to work.
    03-15-16 11:45 PM

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