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    Why can't the excel spreadsheets on OS10 be as easy to use as they were on the BlackBerry Curve OS 7. All formatting done by menu select and click. Particularly the column width changing needs to fit the contents. Now, on the Classic one has to have small baby fingers to touch the column in a precise spot until it vibrates and move it to an uncontrollable distance sometimes too big for the contents. Regrettably there is no other spreadsheet app available on OS 10 and we're stuck with a poorly developed Docs to Go. The same tiny finger requirement is necessary when trying to delete application icons by putting them into a tiny dustbin! This silly combination of using keypads in combination with touchscreen is not viable. Why can't BlackBerry stick with keyboard and tracker ball. They've lost their way!

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    08-13-15 03:09 PM
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    Try the Amazon Store version of Docs2Go.
    It's free for today and has many options that the BB10 version doesn't.
    WPS and OfficeSuite are other Android apps are your best bet for that.

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    08-13-15 03:26 PM

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