1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Good morning,

    This is in regards to my BlackBerry priv.

    This morning when I wanted to open Facebook app it crashed, didn't open at all. I forced stopp and then restarted the phone.
    Then I noticed that fb as well as two other apps (spending tracker and camcard) were grayed out on the home screen. When checking under all apps, the actually disappeared completely. Checked in the app store and they were available to be installed again.

    I tried to reinstall fb but it took very long time but nothing got installed.

    Anyone has this happening too?
    02-25-19 01:03 AM
  2. Mantao's Avatar
    Update on the above question, i tried a restart in save mode which lead to the phone being stuck on boot loop for about 1 hour. After that notification that SD card was not entered, tried to reenter the card but didn't recognize it. As it was used as internal storage i am now unable to access any of my storage, any one can help how i can back up my phone before having to factory reset as this seems to be the only solution?
    02-25-19 01:26 PM

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