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    Hi folks.

    So, something really bizarre happened a couple days ago on my KeyOne.

    Browsing through my apps list, I noticed an unfamiliar icon (red with a yellow horizontal parenthesis, like a smile) and it just said "Apps."

    I activated it, and it asked for SMS/calls, storage, and contacts permissions, which I denied, causing the app to state it doesn't work without those permissions. Curiosity got the better of me so I allowed those permissions and entered the app. There was first an Agree to T&C popup and then I got in. It looked like an app repository, i.e. a la Google Play Store but with a bunch of Google AdSense ads, which made it seem pretty amateurish. I couldn't find any information about the app except its website: 3g.my-onetouch.com. That website was down for a day or two but is now back up and redirects to https://portal.fly2tech.com/.

    It gets even weirder. I uninstalled the app and then, totally by chance, went to the "Preview" app, which has an "Updates" section. In the Updates, this "Apps" app was listed. When I pressed on it, it had a line of text in Russian that said something like "app download portal, like PlayStore."

    I restarted the phone, went to Preview, and Apps was no longer listed there so it seems I've gotten rid of it although it might still be luring in one of the the com.* parts of the phone.

    Now, I have to emphasize that I never downloaded this app or one like it, in fact, I didn't download ANY apps for a good week or two before this one materialized out of nowhere, I've nothing to do with Alcatel, and I didn't get up to any jenk stuff on my phone (rooting it, hacking, porn, etc.). There's nothing I positively did that would've downloaded and installed Apps.

    What do you guys reckon this is about? Did anyone have a similar experience?
    12-22-19 02:55 AM
  2. Smokeaire's Avatar
    12-22-19 03:27 AM

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