1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    This is the answer I got from Straight Talk after two weeks of exchange's

    Please be informed that the Bring Your Own Phone program for GSM/CDMA
    does not support BlackBerry, iPads or tablets, branded Straight Talk,
    SafeLink, TracFone, NET10 and Telcel America phones. Due to the previous
    reason, we will not be able to set up the APN settings on your
    BlackBerry phone.
    06-28-14 10:34 PM
  2. Superdupont 2_0's Avatar
    Well, in their defense, they clearly state on Welcome | Straight Talk

    "Blackberry phones are not compatible with this program. Phones purchased from Straight Talk, Net10, TracFone, Safelink and Telcel America are already prepared for activation right out of the box."

    BTW, I just had a short glance at their Terms & Conditions, it sounds so funny:

    "You are responsible for ensuring that any compatible wireless phone that you use is compatible with the Straight Talk wireless service and that your phone meets all Federal laws and standards. "

    "We may remotely change your wireless phone’s software, applications or programming without notice. This could affect your stored data, your phone’s programming and how you are able to use your wireless phone."

    So you are always responsible, even though they may modify software without letting you know.
    06-29-14 06:46 AM

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