1. Emeka Eke's Avatar
    I have some android apps on my z10 and when I have a notification, they don't show in the hub, no asterisk on the app even. Is this because it's an android app or can I tweak this somewhere in the phone.
    08-25-14 09:08 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    They don't appear in the Notifications tab of Hub?
    This might sound like a silly question, but how do you know there was a notification that was missed? Which Android apps?

    There are two potential places to tweak the settings for alerts from an Android app:
    1. The app's own Settings or Options menu.
    2. Using an Android file manager app like Ghost Commander or Total Commander. Read more on that here:

    08-25-14 09:22 PM
  3. Emeka Eke's Avatar
    I'm talking of apps like Snapchat. Or Instagram. If someone likes your pictures, you are not notified.
    08-26-14 12:19 AM
  4. JamBueree's Avatar
    It really depends on the app. Some apps stay "active" in the background, and they'll be able to receive live notifications.
    Apps such as Kik and Viber can do this.

    Other apps don't stay active after you close them down. You'll have to experiment with this one.

    This applies to all apps, and for native apps, it depends how the developer makes the app behave when not in an active frame. Apps such as Facebook, WeChat, Yahoo! Messenger, and Twitter are intergrated into the hub with official approval from BlackBerry, while others have to be done manually by the developer with headless capabilities.
    As for Android apps, I'm not sure how it's done from the developers. Some apps really tend to continue working even when not in an active frame, whilst others don't.

    BlackBerry Z10 |
    08-26-14 01:07 AM

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