1. pastorbrad's Avatar
    Spare me the static, it's an old and secondary acct! Not getting notifications in Hub. Deleted an re- entered acct, no joy. Tried sending test msg and got the red "no go" circle. Problem w/ AOL's servers or BB? Anyone else?

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-17 05:27 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    Have you looked up the current AOL incoming and outgoing server information and entered it manually using the Advanced Setup option in the Hub email account settings?
    07-23-17 09:34 AM
  3. pastorbrad's Avatar
    No idea how to do that but it appears the problem was theirs - big surprise - and it's up again

    Posted via CB10
    07-23-17 03:43 PM
  4. Elephant_Canyon's Avatar
    AOL still exists?ksssshhhhhhhhhhhhh

    …sorry, couldn't resist.
    07-24-17 10:56 AM
  5. Skeezer2k's Avatar
    I have been having the same exact problem. It just stopped syncing. But it would sync after I deleted and reinstalled AOL. And I tried everything. This morning I reinstalled the AOL account and disabled it from the hub and now I'm receiving push mail in the AOL account. I don't know if it's been corrected administratively or if what I did fixed it. Either way, for now it's working. I also sent an email to blackberry when it started not working and never heard anything back.
    08-01-17 10:36 AM
  6. SunshineNFL's Avatar
    Are you receiving AOL email (able to open / read it) using only cellular data? My AOL only works on my BB Key One when I am on Wi-Fi. UGH.
    01-11-18 10:57 PM

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