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    So... Hello!

    I've been lurking Crackberry along a few other BB forums in order to convince myself to switch out my iPhone 6 for a BB Passport. In all honesty, I am in need of only two apps to complete my BB experience: Snapchat and WhatsApp, both of which have been or will not be supported by BB in the future. Fortunately enough, I've researched this forum and found there's a slight to good chance that I can get these apps running. I am in DEEP obsession/love of having a BB passport in my hands as I've heard wonders about it thanks to you guys, and in all honesty I could care less about the new phones coming out or the infamous Priv which is loaded with Android. Can you guys guide/link me to websites where I can get a cheap Passport? I've seen a few running on eBay and Amazon, ranging from $300-500. Any recommendations?
    07-05-16 08:05 PM
  2. Tamashek's Avatar
    Since you mentioned about WhatsApp, you will need to go for BlackBerry with android or you will be out of luck come December 31. Good luck in your search

    Posted via CB10
    07-05-16 08:41 PM

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