1. BBPPSE kiwi's Avatar
    Cannot get a Starling bank app on Passport SE. Anyone managed it?


    Posted via CB10
    06-22-18 01:15 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Doubtful... most banking apps require newer security standards that old BB10 doesn't support.
    06-22-18 03:07 PM
  3. brookie229's Avatar
    Best you can do is use the mobile web site and put a shortcut on your desktop.
    06-22-18 03:11 PM
  4. BBPPSE kiwi's Avatar
    OK thanks, i'll try that. I sideloaded Google Play thinking that would resolve it. It provided the app but it cannot download. Thanks for your help -Kiwi

    Posted via CB10
    06-23-18 02:07 AM

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