1. stacymarie1979's Avatar
    Hi everyone,
    Looking or a little help here. My Passport recently started lighting up randomly. When I am not using it and its just laying on a surface it will just light up by itself. It seems to happen after I've received an email or notification of some kind, if I don't clear/read the notification. It will light up every 1-2 minutes.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    05-12-15 01:15 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Check your notification settings. Also, do you have any 3rd party apps that might be related to email or text messages such as Hub++ and there are others like that.
    05-12-15 01:48 PM
  3. jsing2010's Avatar
    I'd try resetting the phone and see if it still happens

    Posted via CB10
    05-12-15 03:30 PM
  4. tex3523's Avatar
    Settings > notifications> scroll to bottom lock screen notifications. Turn off. "Turn on screen for new notifications"

    Posted from my awesome Q10
    05-12-15 03:53 PM
  5. hornakapopolis's Avatar
    I've had the same problem for awhile, but always forget about it because I'm heading to bed when I encounter it.

    I just went through the Notification settings and almost all of my Android apps had 'Hub Notification' still turned on in my Bedside profile.

    It seems the default is to leave 'All Notifications' on, but then have the individual notifications turned off. Since I was going through, I turned the 'All Notifications' off, too, although, I wish I hadn't as now I won't be sure if it was that or turning off the Hub notifications that fixed the problem... if it fixes the problem.
    05-12-15 04:10 PM

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