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    I'm using a playbook, all was fine a few days ago and I can still download the free stuff but I can't actually buy anything. At first I had a message saying Unable To Process Payment, Choose Another Method - something like that anyway. Now nothing at all happens when I hit the purchase button. Problems with app world? All my payment methods are okay, work fine at other places. Thanks
    11-14-14 04:53 PM
  2. ummie4's Avatar
    I have never been able to get PayPal payment method to work, don't know why. My credit card does work. What method are you using?
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    11-14-14 04:58 PM
  3. Tanya Frost's Avatar
    I have this problem too. I tried deleting my PayPal info to reinstall it but now it won't even let me save my account information. There is nothing wrong w my PayPal account, I can use it anywhere else.


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    11-14-14 07:12 PM
  4. chgaida's Avatar
    Same Probleme here. I'm on a Passport in Germany. Can't buy any app anymore. Seems to be a problem of BlackBerry World.

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    11-15-14 02:33 AM
  5. antoscimento's Avatar
    I just gonna start a thread about it. It gives me that I should select a different payment method and then when I go back and forth between my credit card I get a 1euro notification payment from my bank in an sms before going back to the same page on the BlackBerry World telling me again to change my payment method. Like really BlackBerry?

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    11-15-14 03:34 AM
  6. antoscimento's Avatar
    It happened first with the twittly app thought it was an app related thing but then it's happening with all apps so it's BlackBerry World

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    11-15-14 03:35 AM
  7. TCB on Z10's Avatar
    In the last couple of days I ( Z10) and wife (Z30), on Koodo in Canada, cannot purchase anymore. It says use another method but, when we switch from MC to Visa, we get the same message.

    TCB on Z10
    11-15-14 07:57 AM
  8. teezle's Avatar
    Cheers all, just glad to know it's not something I've done! Hope it's sorted soon.
    Edit: it was me that asked the question, Hello Crackers!
    11-15-14 11:19 AM
  9. becold's Avatar
    Yep....add me to the heep,sigh this is very frustrating. I can download through my carrier (Bell), but I prefer my credit card. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
    Glad also it not just me.....you know what I mean

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    11-16-14 04:24 AM
  10. paulie_iwin's Avatar
    I thought only I have this problem. Because I au on a leaked software... I hope it gets fixed soon.

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    11-16-14 03:11 PM
  11. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    Also having this problem... I used to have bill through carrier option and now that is gone. Can't seem to process my CC anymore. I tried to buy the "Work Wide" app. Same problem in BBM when I try to buy a sticker pack. Might be something linked with BlackBerry ID. Tried on my Z10 as well through wifi but with the same BBID.
    I opened a ticket with BlackBerry tech support. I told them that it seemed like mine was not just an isolated issue as there are other threads on here with others facing the same problem. Not good. Both BlackBerry and developers are missing out on sales right now.

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport
    11-16-14 10:24 PM
  12. oldguy102's Avatar
    Also unable to purchase from BlackBerry World. Using Z30, 10.3.1.,latest. Tried card and PayPal. No go. Also tried setting up through Pc, still no good. Crazy way to run a business,

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    11-16-14 10:54 PM
  13. lgiordano's Avatar
    Hello everybody! I can't pay for apps either. I tried two different credit cards with no luck. As it's stated in the BlackBerry support forum, it seems to be an issue with their servers, unrelated to our cellphones:


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    11-17-14 11:23 AM
  14. Banco's Avatar
    Just add me to the list. Seems to be more than the odd person.
    11-17-14 12:30 PM
  15. lgiordano's Avatar
    I must add that I got in touch with my carrier via twitter. They told me that it's not their problem, that I should talk to BlackBerry support. But BlackBerry support is paid, and my phone is still under warranty! "What the face"?

    Posted via CB10 with my Z10 STL100-1 /
    11-17-14 03:51 PM
  16. northsixty's Avatar
    Another one here. I tried two credit cards and Paypal this weekend, got the same result every time.
    11-17-14 04:32 PM
  17. lgiordano's Avatar
    I just bought an app with a credit card as payment method. Anyone else whose buying problem has been solved? I must tell I didn't do a thing to solve it, other than waiting and trying several times for the last three days.

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    11-17-14 08:16 PM
  18. paulie_iwin's Avatar
    I payed through PayPal and upon completion BlackBerry Luxembourg charged me another 3$ in two separate transactions

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-14 09:40 AM
  19. howards's Avatar
    Maybe this can be of help: http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=952370

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    11-18-14 09:49 AM
  20. Banco's Avatar
    I don't use PayPal and don't intend to either. If BlackBerry want my business then they need to sort it out.

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-14 02:31 PM
  21. Monsterlad's Avatar
    Having issues buying BBM stickers. Anyone else still having issues buying anything with a credit card
    11-22-14 11:47 PM

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