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    i recently had to upgrade to Windows 10. Syncing my BB Z10 to Windows 8 worked well enough. However, with Windows 10, contacts and calendar information will not sync. Any suggestions for getting this to work?

    BB Blend works on Windows 10. Is there a way to move appointments to my Z10 using Blend?

    I was thinking of buying a Passport, but not if I can't sync it with the laptop.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    11-10-16 03:24 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    I just copied this from my earlier post on this topic this morning:

    BlackBerry Link is no longer being updated. There is a possible conflict with iTunes and conflicts with recent Windows updates.

    Make sure you have the lasted version: BlackBerry Link - BlackBerry 10 Smartphone to Computer Sync - Canada
    There are some fixes that have worked for some people, but not others. Consider using a cloud account (Gmail, Outlook) to sync calendar and contacts events. There is also the Ultimate Backup app in BlackBerry World that may be useful.

    This is the CrackBerry BlackBerry Link Forum: BlackBerry Link - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    No, I don't think Blend will help with this. BB10 is rapidly approaching end of life for many people. The DTEK60 or DTEK50 would be a nice upgrade to your Z10.
    11-10-16 06:25 PM

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