1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    BestBuy sold out of the Blackberry Motion months ago, and just told me they will not be getting any more in. Amazon offered new ones multiple times over the last months at $399, and kept selling those out.

    After this last time, they have now gotten more in but are asking $520 or so, I guess raising the price due to the demand. I won't pay that price. They do offer used ones for around $310 that are claimed to be in excellent condition. I've just never purchased a used phone before and am hesitant.

    I'm hoping you at Crackberry and/or others here might have input for me to consider. My hope had been to spend a lot less, for the Motion ideally, and in 1-2 years as 5G is out and 5G capable phones are out, I can spent a lot more for the latest high end phone then.

    I hesitate to do so now, what with 5G literally on the verge of coming out, some phones and some limited regional 5G service beginning this fall. And the Key2 price point is higher than I'd like, so I'm still hoping for a BB Motion, just at the right price. Used I can get, but they concern me.
    09-17-18 11:15 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    I mean, you run into a lot of the same risks as pretty much anything else you buy used.

    - 'Excellent condition' might not mean excellent condition to you
    - There could be unknown/untold issues with the device
    - You have a limited warranty (if any) period / exchanges may not be applicable
    - For Android, you possibly run into the issue of the previous owner having not removed their account correctly and unable to set it up under your credentials.

    Personally, I don'y buy anything used unless it's local and I can try it out first, but that's just me.
    09-17-18 12:58 PM
  3. the_boon's Avatar
    First of all, don’t pay 510 for a Motion lol. It’s just a piece of glass, no keyboard.

    Second, buying used is fine but either do it from a reputable source like Ebay which should have your back if something’s really wrong, or of course meet in person and try everything first.
    09-22-18 06:30 PM

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