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    I'm a diabetic since 30 years and Classic user. The short version: I have a Dexcom G5 transmitter that works with my (hated) iPhone5, which Dexcom supports. Surprise surprise, they don't support any BBs, so I'm on my own. Downloaded an Android app xdrip+, and it kinda works on the Classic, it opens, all the functionality is there. And it can sometimes see the Dexcom G5 it tells me. But no data seems to get transferred.

    So, I have Dexcom that won't support BB and an Android program that may or may not work on BB. What could go wrong? This is important to me, because either I skip this Dexcom which helps my diabetes quite a bit, or I have to walk around with 2 phones forever (or skip BB: Never!)

    Any suggestions?
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    07-26-17 07:42 AM
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    Maybe it's time to move to a BlackBerry Android phone? Most likely the KEYone, since the DTEK's seem to be getting phased out?

    Does the device sync via Bluetooth? I have two fitness bands, Razer Nabu X and Garmin Vivoactive HR, that sync via Bluetooth and the sync'ing works but pairing is very finicky. Basically, I have to turn on Bluetooth on the BlackBerry, wait til it sees the device, then quickly launch the app. If I wait too long, BB10 grabs the device and the Android Runtime doesn't get access. If the timing is correct, the Android Runtime gets access and the app pretty much works. On the Nabu X, some lights blink to give feedback that the sync worked. On the Vivoactive HR, the app shows it's connected.

    Good luck!
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    07-26-17 04:44 PM
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    The Dexcom5 app requires Android 5.0 where the BB Android runtime is 4.3 . It's likely the xdrip app also relies on API that are not in 4.3. If the app function is critical to you than you'll need an Android phone.
    07-26-17 05:24 PM

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