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    I need to completely reset my PC in order to install a special version of Photoshop but before I do I need to make sure I backup all of my drivers, especially the audio ones which have caused me problems in previous iterations.

    Would any fellow, lovely Crackberrians be willing to give me any advice before I set off on this potentially complicated venture?

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    10-10-15 01:09 PM
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    In all honesty, if you are doing all this for a special version of Photoshop, I would recommend installing VMPlayer (Free for personal NON Commercial use) installing Win7 in the VM, then install your "Special" version Photoshop in the VM as well. It keeps it all separated, and when needed, you can wipe the Win7 just by deleting the VM itself from the VMPlayer UI.

    But that is just what I would do.
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    10-10-15 01:43 PM
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    Thanks for your reply. The main reason I'm resetting the OS is because I've already installed the trial version of Photoshop (how stupid of me) and now that I've uninstalled the trial version, it left something behind in the registry that's not allowing me to install my special version of it. So would the Windows 7 emulator detect that bit of code in the registry?

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    10-10-15 03:57 PM
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    A "vm" is a totally seep rate operating system. Example, a Ubuntu vm is a totally encapsulated Linux is running on top of Windows. Any vm has absolutely no idea that it is not the only os. It never sees the host(actual boot Osama) or any of its setting. Registry or ini files.

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    10-11-15 07:38 AM
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    BlackBerry, what else?
    10-11-15 10:47 AM

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